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“When you eat and your bodys digesting the food, thats what produces gas in your intestines, so youre less likely to have any gas in there to begin with if you havent eaten for a couple of hours,” says Roshini Raj, MD, a magazine contributor and assistant professor of medicine at the New York University Medical Center.

Steer clear of foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and carbonated beverages—all of which can produce gas—the day of your date.

But if it creates any anxiety or insecurity, then it may be the kind of date that you save for when youre more committed to one another.” Be prepared to do a little coaxing; a yoga class may seem like the perfect date to you, but he might need a little convincing.

If you have more yoga experience than your date, be sure to explain what he should expect from the class beforehand to put him at ease.

They are intimate, sensual, and cheap, and great for your body and soul, to boot.

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Avoid eating anything for about two hours prior to the yoga class.

After all, attending your first yoga class can be nerve-racking enough, and even more so in a date setting, says Fink Oppenheimer.

Setting the tone with the right venue As on any date, the venue establishes the tone.

“When you move your body you feel good, when your blood starts flowing and you start breathing,” says Jennifer Fink Oppenheimer, a New York–based yoga teacher.

“Any sort of exercise makes you feel good, but yoga specifically opens you up.” But while a vigorous Vinyasa class can be New Age–style foreplay on a budget, there are five cautionary factors to consider before unraveling your yoga mat next to your dates and joining each other in Downward Dog. Yoga Right Even if your new partner isnt a budding yogi, you can still enjoy a Zen date.

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