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Tinder dating site helps you find new people to meet near you by showing only their profile photos, their nickname and age.

And you can swipe right if you like the person or swipe left if you want to skip them.

Tinder provides anonymity for its users, like hiding your last name and your location, but you should always be careful about what you share on dating platforms.

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this application allows you to meet people really close to you, using your location!

Once these first steps made you start to see the profiles.

You will discover this little addictive gesture by tilting the profiles left (to reject) or right (to indicate that you like the profile).

If you choose to meet that person, go for a public place with many people around. Then discuss before, to be sure to be on the same wavelength.

Tinder: With more than 5 million monthly users, Tinder has revolutionized the dating site.

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