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Many fans in attendance Monday simply stood still, watching intently. A few die-hards in the front seemed like they were having an all-out religious experience. More concert reviews: 3 nights of Greensky Bluegrass at the Club in D. C., by the numbers 5 observations from Dead and Company’s Nov. I’ll begin by giving you the story behind the story.I like to think that fate brings to us the people and the things we are destined to find.And I think that's because we wanted to create the feeling that it was never going to end. It's like you don't want the feeling to end, ever." "And then there's like certain other fades.One of my favorite types of fades, and one that we've tried to achieve over time, or a few times, is the fade where a new element comes in as it's fading.

Sometimes, there were projections (“Silver Soul”); then the starry lights started flashing (“10 Mile Stereo”); for “Take Care,” the Club’s disco ball came into play. date since releasing a pair of albums last year, “Depression Cherry” and “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” Legrand cracked half-jokes and called out the couples in the crowd who were swaying to the band’s dreamy, hypnotic music. “The easiest way to give that is a smile, a touch, a flower.But I think part of it I think is also just intrinsic to our own musical personalities that are like fingerprints to us, just kind of like, 'What do our brains make when we make something?' "Maybe it's influenced us, we feel, in that it hasn't influenced us, you know? It has tons of problems, but it's also a place that's open, it isn't controlled completely by crazy, capitalistic financial pressures that drive a lot of other modern cities.Legrand and Scally — aided by a touring drummer and bassist — seemed more animated than they did the last time Beach House played Club, in 2013. It’s very simple, actually.” Beach House shows aren’t exactly fun (the title of “Depression Cherry” is, perhaps, a winking nod to that notion).This is a band with a deep catalog of dark, ethereal songs it plays exceptionally well for a devoted audience.

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