Updating quicken

The company, which has since Quicken 2016 - the latest version - is out today.

There aren't any breakthrough new features to the money-tracking software. But while the product looks the same - it's perhaps the most important year yet for the most important personal finance software in history.

Asking consumers to pay for the basic version of a software is a tough sell.

Making the proposition tougher is the much maligned feature of Quicken where online features expire after a few years, essentially forcing consumers to buy the next version every two years anyway.

Quicken 2016's interface still looks like something that would have been popular when the Boy Bands were a thing.

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Today, consumers have armadas of smartphones, tablets as well as PCs and want access to their files everywhere. Oddly enough, the technology is available for Quicken to allow this to happen.While Quicken 2016 isn't exactly going to win over converts, it's what happens with the software next that matters.The product continues to fill a gap for investors and anyone interested in managing their own money to a great level of control - without hiring human help.Most online services require you to share your usernames and passwords of your banks and brokerages - which is generally something that should cause you pause. But even major banks' Web sites have been compromised, so it's safe to think that security is a real concern.Some banks are starting to push back - seeing the greater security risks.

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