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Hackers are able to tap into the devices, because the toys each have their own hotspots, without any form of security or privacy settings.

Where phones, laptops and tablets have options to set passwords for the user to secure their device, the toys don't - leaving them vulnerable to anyone who wants to log in.

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This toy requires no hacking experience to access its onboard camera.Worryingly, this same issue allows for an attacker to spoof a child's location to mislead their parents about where their child is.An attacker can also use the device to monitor and listen to the child and their surroundings, while its companion app is riddled with tracking scripts and advertising with huge privacy issues. It takes just 14 minutes for an attacker to take complete control of the car due to a lack of authentication and encryption.This device has fundamental security flaws that put children in danger.With no authentication and encryption, it's simple for a hacker to impersonate a child's parents or loved ones by sending fake messages or SMS alerts to the watch All Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled toys are vulnerable to attack and there's no way of preventing according to the researchers.

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