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FELL PREY TO= if you fall prey to something you feel really attracted to it (almost like hypnotized).

THE SIREN SONG OF…= The charm of…, the attraction of…Sirens were strange beings from Greek mythology, half women half birds (or half women half fish, in medieval times) who lived on a little island and sang beautiful songs that hypnotized sailors, so they couldn't help but coming to them and becoming their menu.

The most intimate moments of our lives will become “snack media,” as in Khoaliti’s Vine upload.

“As relationship cycles speed up, breaking up becomes much easier to do,” Young says. Revenge analytics is the geeky cousin: mining material to get back at exes will be easy going forward.

We’ve heard from Terry Young, of the trend-spotting shop Sparks & Honey, before.

A while ago, he talked about the future of jobs, and before that, the future of health care.

Here he offers up some intriguing ideas about relationships in 2025, based on three “macro” trends: that technology is speeding up how we interact; that unconventional relationships are becoming more accepted; and that kink (e.g. Projects like 23and Me and u Biome reveal our personal genetics and microbial make-ups. A service that matches us with someone with complementary genes and gut.

After all, who wants to be someone who isn’t microbiomically sympatico?

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That could lead to backlash, like the movement, Make Love Not Porn, that Cindy Gallop is trying to foster, or detox services that wash our minds of skin-on-skin imagery. “Large numbers of men are no longer physically attracted to human women,” Young notes.The student who came forward that month told prosecutors he had engaged in a sexual relationship with Myers dating back to November 2016, according to the .The sheriff’s office was reportedly notified about the assault by the North Boone School District, who said in April that Myers had been placed on administrative leave and later resigned.“Technology is allowing every aspect of flirting to be localized and be location-based,” Young says.“The rise of instant gratification social media platforms have turned courtship into a sped-up process.”The movie depicts a man falling in love with an advanced operating system.

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