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But that figure includes the total amount spent on all “vulnerable populations” for public health purposes, not just LGBT people.According to Andrew Park, director of International Programs at the Williams Institute, which studies issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, the actual figure is closer to million—two orders of magnitude off.In other words, the Western export here is not homosexuality, but the laws against it.Anthropologists have recorded over 20 distinct cultural forms of indigenous African same-sex intimacy. So, are the arrests in Senegal a backlash against Western pressure?AWA is an association for sex workers who, since 1993, have carried out an ambitious AIDS awareness program in towns across Senegal.Armed with educational brochures and wearing T-shirts with their stylish logo — a pair of hands with painted nails and bangles beating a pink tam-tam with "HIV" on the drumhead — the women have taken their message about AIDS prevention to the streets.

In March 2014, Senegal sentenced two men to six months each in prison for the crime of homosexuality.(December 2000) Senegal's AIDS community turns out in force when the local women's association, called AWA, holds its board meetings.UN advisors, medical personnel, representatives from nongovernmental organizations, and the National AIDS Program come to honor the women for their frontline position in the fight against AIDS.Reports from the West African nation of Senegal say that the government has arrested 11 people accused of homosexual acts.If convicted, those accused—who were rounded up at a “celebration of a gay marriage”—face up to five years in prison.

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