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What sets London's Finest aside from more stock 'Gangsta' films like 'Lock, Stock' is that this film has fun with the sub culture but at the same time not glorifying it.You wouldn't want to be or emulate any of these characters, and although you can like them and to a degree sympathise (especially the character of Sirus, who was superb).

In early 1974, Jones convinced Mc Laren to help out the Strand.Their 1977 single "God Save the Queen", attacking social conformity and deference to the Crown, precipitated what one commentator described as the "last and greatest outbreak of pop-based moral pandemonium".Subjects addressed in their frequently obscene lyrics included the music industry, consumerism, abortion, violence, apathy, anarchy, fascism, the British Royal Family and the Holocaust.It's gritty and it's hard, but the humour that runs through it prevents it from being hard work.It really is very funny and I loved the dialogue, especially Boris, I wish he had more screen time.

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