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the chances of its being an actual likeness of her are very any case, as you can see, the pot was damaged and clumsily repaired.[incidentally, i've seen quite a few photographs of it and most of them are really seems to be notoriously difficult to capture successfully in a photo.] this image is important, incidentally, for the information it gives us about the ancient lyre. this one is a very famous wall-painting [fresco] from pompeii, executed circa 60 CE.note that in the painting she has not forgotten to take her lyre with her.moreau returned to this theme again in 1871 to paint the poet once she has he shows the poet alcaeus plucking the strings of the lyre as one of the maidens of his chorus sings. but the extraordinary thing is the raptness with which sappho attends to his performance -- and the intensity of her facial features as compared with the insipid cuteness of the young maiden. here's one of my favorite artist's imaginings of sappho. it's a good thing she has her head covered -- she could catch cold out there in that wind. gustave moreau painted 'sappho leaping from the leucadian cliff' in 1864.jacques-louis david, one of the greatest classicizing painters of the turn of the 19th century, painted a scene in 1809 of sappho with phaon, the handsome young man who did not requite her love. the legend, which dates from long after her death, tells us that in despair over phaon, she threw herself off this cliff.

i thought you ought to see what a papyrus fragment actually looks like.--- to make things even more 'interesting,' the two halves of this pitiful scrap of poetry are not even in the same country.the portion in the previous image is housed in copenhagen; the other half is in milano. sir lawrence alma-tadema, a dutch-born painter who moved to england, was fond of painting classical subjects in a lush [some would say 'overblown'] romantic style.Also discussed: Early lesbian bars, pulp novels, magazines, and other fascinating pieces of our herstory.Tired of the bar scene but want to meet new people and form new friendships!

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