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The Church teaches that “one may never do evil so that good may result from it,” and Rowling’s novels largely reflect this.As Mark Shea points out, the wise wizard Dumbledore struggles with the temptation to do things for the greater good; in his youth it is the temptation to dominate the less powerful for their own good, and later he succumbs to the temptation, plotting his own death in order to frustrate Voldemort’s plans to obtain a great weapon. All his balancing the relative weights of various lives and goals, for the sake of “the greater good,” does not bear fruit.It predestines him to become corrupted and evil and defines him by his future sins.Pope Francis says that “nothing of what a repentant sinner places before God’s mercy can be excluded from the embrace of his forgiveness.” Imagine, however, being guilty of sins not yet committed, and having those weigh you down and define you.His death is the pointless cutting short of a life with the immense potential for good.His friends and loved ones are never able to come to understand why he had to die, not through any lack of wisdom on their part, but because there is not any real reason for him to die at that time, and because evil is too irrational and destructive to be truly understood.

The novels, however, make clear that Cedric is anything but an irrelevant spare: he is morally upright, a charismatic leader, and an incredibly gracious competitor., however, posits that, due to the interference of Albus and Scorpius, Cedric is corrupted by the lust for glory that he is completely corrupted, to the point that Harry’s final triumph over Voldemort is reversed due to Cedric’s interference.The defeat of Voldemort is now, according to , contingent on the random slaughter of this good young man, while he is still good.This play, however, does not understand that the point of Cedric’s death is its pointlessness; it does not understand that the very reason why Voldemort must be defeated is that he randomly slaughters the good.One should be at a loss when confronted with Cedric’s death, and the play is right to know that his death seems meaningless.

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