Registered sex offenders in camden county nj

If the risk level is Tier 2, in addition to law enforcement agencies, schools, licensed day care centers, summer camps, and registered community organizations are notified of sex offenders that they are likely to encounter because of the perceived possibility that pedophiles and sexual predators will be drawn to these places.If you are a Tier 3 offender, in addition to all of the above, your entire neighborhood or area that is likely to encounter you will be notified by a door-to-door canvas by law enforcement.Under PSL, you will face a number of additional restrictions on your freedom.

An attorney who is capable of trying your case is essential.Few of those currently listed as non-compliant are high-risk (Tier 3) offenders.Anyone with information on the whereabouts of a non-compliant sex offender is asked to submit a tip on the online registry. The 65-year-old's last known address was in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, but the state database indicates his current whereabouts are unknown. He's listed on the New Jersey sex offender registry as a Tier 3 (high risk) offender.

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