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I remember feeling a great sense of relief knowing that my cats were eating a diet that I had personally sourced and prepared for them – and that feeling continues.I don’t see myself ever going back to feeding commercial cat food after having fed a 100% homemade diet for the past 14 years.It is not difficult to make cat food but do your homework first and After spending a great deal of time reading and learning about the way commercial pet foods are processed, and the ingredients that go into many of these foods, I decided to start making my own cat food.I found that I was getting more and more frustrated with the species-inappropriate and low quality ingredients found in most commercial foods so this was a very easy decision for me to make.This subject is one of considerable debate among two – usually strongly divided – mindsets.The anti-raw folks are afraid of bacteria and parasites.Unfortunately, often neither group considers how the meat is sourced and they fail to see that one can Our goal is to feed a diet that nature intended for our carnivores – staying as close as possible to the form and nutritional composition that our cats would eat in a natural setting – while implementing safety strategies as discussed below. No human is – even board-certified veterinary nutritionists.None of us know exactly which are destroyed/damaged with the cooking process.

Note that dry kibble is very often contaminated with bacteria, fungal mycotoxins, insects and their feces, as well as being high in carbohydrates and plant-based (vs animal-based) proteins.

Because of this fact, I choose to ‘split the difference’ between semi-cooked and 100% raw depending on the source of the meat.

I feed meat from two sources: With regard to parasites, commercially raised meat (either from the grocery store or producer) is much less apt to be infected with parasites when compared to wild game.

(A short note regarding dogs can be found at the bottom of this webpage. King is a fabulous writer and her book is a very enjoyable and easy-to-read essay discussing how she feeds her own beloved dog and why.) As this webpage explains (see Safety), there is a logical way to compromise between the two which will result in a diet that is safer and healthier than dry food, and is safer than some sources of raw ingredients – especially those that come from a supermarket and have spent time in a refrigerator versus a freezer.

Also, please consider purchasing by my colleague, Dr. It is my strong preference to feed a diet that is a safe balance between raw and cooked as described below.

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