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Kanopy offers some hard-to-find period films and “one of the most unique and compelling collections of film on the planet.” Their films range from documentaries, indie and foreign films, must-see classics and blockbuster movies, and their “sophisticated discovery engine encourages our users to challenge themselves to watch films outside of their comfort area.” With hundreds of content providers, you can discover new on-demand programming from PBS, KINO Lorber, Film Movement and Music Box Films, among others.

It’s a great model – public libraries only pay for films that are actually watched, and the content owners get paid 50% of the sales, while users get to watch for free.

We aim to really encourage our users to be adventurous, to extend their range and try watching films outside of their comfort zone and they are often surprised by discovering a whole new genre of film to enjoy.

WAT: Making the Kanopy database available to members of public libraries not only gives them access to thoughtfully curated content, but addresses one of our readers’ main concerns, which is how their viewing habits fit into their budgets.

and to make sure that everyone gets the message of how much we appreciate having quality historical, costume, and period drama movies available to us for free.

readers are drawn to, like literary adaptations, historical and period costume dramas, and British and Australian series, as well as historical documentaries and biopics.

We very rarely remove any titles as our filmmakers and suppliers tend to be happy with Kanopy and elect to just auto-renew so our collection continues to grow in volume which is one of the advantages of our model.

We believe if we look after our filmmakers, they will stay with us forever! The American Revolution, Shakespeare Uncovered, Secrets of the Dead, The First Silent Night, The Orphan Trains, American Experience – Walt Disney, The Story of the Jews, Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl, A Midwife’s Tale, The Roosevelts, The Polar Explorer readers will be sure to be updated!

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With a focus on “thoughtful entertainment,” you’ll find a collection of arthouse, independent and classical films you can watch on demand on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs.

We are very careful about balancing the needs of the library, and the return on investment they expect to receive with the needs of our filmmakers who are trying to generate a sustainable income for their films.

The public library market offers a very democratic way to access a special collection like Kanopy while supporting a thriving film industry.

WAT: The number of films available to stream per user in a month varies a bit, based on one’s public library branch.

Is that because larger libraries participate differently in Kanopy?

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