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There is both a personal-reputation and -safety aspect to this.

Talk with your teens about never letting other people photograph or film them in embarrassing or inappropriate situations (and vice versa).

When a guy suddenly stops texting right at the beginning of a relationship, it could be for a number of reasons…

Talk with your kids about using such technology and advise them to use it only with friends they know in person. Most mobile phones we use today have cameras, some videocams – and teens love to share media with friends on all types of mobile devices.

Sooner or later, though, there will be a point where the person you’re seeing doesn’t text back and you’re left wondering what they’re up to…

And if you haven’t discovered this yet, it will be at these moments that you discover one of the necessities of modern relationships is to remain undisturbed when it does happen.

Just as in chat rooms and social sites, kids need to think about who they text and talk with.

They should never text/talk about sex with strangers.

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