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When Cetojevic suggested after a week that he should eat a bagel, the negative impact was startling.

Djokovic felt sluggish and dizzy, as if he had a hangover.

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Surgeon, Mi Mero Mole, Paisa Danza, Helppy - happy to help, Mèdico, poeta y loco, Dr Zoidberg, Dr.Mendoza-Barbosa, Trova y Poesía, Camino de Esperanza, Nomad Republic, Proforestal, A. Novak Djokovic was in Croatia in the summer of 2010 for a Davis Cup tie and was having a consultation with Dr Igor Cetojevic, a nutritionist and fellow Serb.He told the player he could help him devise a diet that would be right for his body and could transform his health and fitness.Subsequent blood tests showed that Djokovic was strongly intolerant to wheat and dairy products and mildly sensitive to tomatoes.

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