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Sandra has long black hair and stunning brown eyes.She does both hardcore and softcore scenes, and has been featured on many of the top adult sites including New Sensations and Brazzers.Usage is detected by screening for Benzoylecgonine.

This happens because when the drug is used frequently, a portion of it gets stored in the fatty tissues of our body. Again, if alcohol is also being taken along, then around 25 days or even a month are required for complete elimination of the drug.The elimination time may be much long if the amount consumed is heavy or you’re a frequent user. Therefore, in cocaine users, When a person takes cocaine (chemically benzoylmethylecgonine), it circulates in blood to reach all body organs.It reaches the liver to get metabolized and gets converted into a metabolite called, benzoylecgonine.This chemical is very difficult to eliminate from the body.It stays much long than cocaine and its metabolites.

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