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I hear from so many people who despite glaring problems go ahead and marry, hoping somehow that yoking yourself to someone for life will fix a problem.

But since you say his teeth were rotten and his breath stunk while you were dating, I really don't understand how you managed to exchange at kiss at "I now pronounce you husband and wife." Your husband must be terrified of dentists, so you should research some who specialize in scared patients and who might even put someone in a twilight state during cleaning and other procedures.

I never think of her and am pretty sure I wouldn't climax if I did. Your fantasies don't mean you don't love your wife, that she's not enough for you, or that you'll cheat. Be happy you've found a way to be a great lover and keep things fresh. Her mother is very controlling and expects Mary to be perfect. I'm worried about Mary and I'm not sure what to do.

I told her the other day that if she ever needed a grown up to talk to, she could talk to me in confidence (that I would not tell her mother).

The answer was yes, it is better to stay married to him than be a single mom.A: Being 13 is "going through some things" in and of itself without the insane pressure of a mother who expects perfection and sees her child not as a human being but as a shiny little bauble to flaunt to the other parents. The kind of mother you describe can do terrible harm, but it's generally not seen as abuse to have high expectations.Tiger Mother Amy Chua sold millions of books describing her formula for producing offspring who always gets A's.Unless his work requires him to wear a gas mask all day, his co-workers must want to.Now that you have a child, his ability to function in the world is of major importance, and being able to smell his breath from 20 feet is not a career-enhancer.

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