Gong li dating

The actress Gong Li, above, is to be the new face of L'Oreal in China, where the French cosmetics company is experiencing its fastest growth worldwide.In February, L'Oreal set up a branch of the company in Peking to supply their products to the burgeoning market in China.Despite these changes, Chinese parents still have great influence in their children’s romantic lives.The older generation often takes responsibility for arranging blind dates for young adults, but only when they are old enough to be married.

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When Zhou’s parents played matchmaker for her, she felt that if she didn’t like the guys chosen by her parents, it would lead to arguments where her parents blamed her for being “too picky.” Dating apps in China instead empower the individual where life is catching up with the law.

Chinese online dating services have grown increasingly popular as they draw on traditional Chinese dating values such as material security and marriage-focused relationships, and expand connections beyond the screen with offline events and relationship counseling services.

Compatibility expert James Houran, says, “American culture emphasizes individuality whereas Chinese culture places more importance on the community as a collective.

Sick of unsuccessful blind dates set up by her parents and unable to stand the social scrutiny of meeting potential dates at bars in her city, Zhou registered on Jiayuan, a Chinese dating website.

The site is typically used by young singles between 24 and 35 and is commonly viewed as a tool for seeking long-term relationships and possibly marriage.

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