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Lexical unstressed and inserted vowels, however, have an equivalent duration, challenging the idea that inserted vowels are more centralized due to their shorter duration.All in all, the data point to a double contrast: first, between lexical stressed and unstressed segments and, second, between unstressed segments.This gradation mirrors the relative prominence of each vowel.

We also show that, in order to explain the whole variation, markedness constraints referring to the harmony of segments in intervocalic position (Kirchner 1998; Uffmann 2007), and their specific interaction with faithfulness constraints, are needed. serialisme en teoria de l’optimitat: interacció entre sonorització i espirantització / Parallelism vs. The data include, among others, French adjectival liaison, definite article allomorphy in Galician and Italian, Spanish diphthongization, vowel reduction and epenthesis in Catalan, and palatalization in Romanian.

In this paper we show that the Parallel Structures Model (PSM) of feature geometry (Morén 2003, 2007), in which major class features are defined structurally but not featurally, offers an optimal framework to account for these data.

Additionally, it will be demonstrated that the internal structure that specifically captures segmental-internal timing is crucial in phonological representations, especially when trying to account for contour and complex segments, whether they are single consonants or geminates (along the lines of Riehl & Cohn 2011, Núñez Cedeño 2014).

In second place, we no longer center the linguistic analysis on the traditional generativist techniques but on the tenets of Optimality Theory.

And, finally, we use new dialectometric techniques based principally on probabilistic analytical procedures.

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