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In all 3 instances, I was unable to complete the actions. Got back on it and froze the other 2 agencies just now, only to find out there's a new agency, Innovis!!

It is beyond me why my credit is being used for profit by yet another entity!

And they grabbed personal information of people in the UK and Canada too.

There are steps to take to help protect your information from being misused. This language was retracted after pressure from Gov't officials.

Assume the worst, that your information WAS stolen. freeze credit w/all 3 agencies, change pw & logins to all existing accts, and enroll in an outside credit monitoring service. I attempted to call the numbers listed for the 3 credit agencies to freeze my reports. i did the same last week and got one agency "frozen" (equifax), then had much trouble with transition and gave up in frustration.It won't touch you current accounts, but may open all new one's that you will find out way too late?Just implement all 3 credit freezes is probably the safest action in my opinion.If you think just because you don't have a loan out you aren't vulnerable don't believe it.You have car insurance, they checked your credit, you have a cellphone they checked your credit. It will be interesting and scary to see how this information will be used by these foreign agents in the future I totally agree that enrolling may be a way to sell you something later or another tactic, but did you ever think your info can be used to create a new identity of you.

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