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In private messages, these people apologized for what she must be going through, while in public they fanned the flames of hatred and bile on social media.

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In a private message to me, one of my academic friends said one editor’s Facebook apology for publishing such an “offensive” article, “sounded like something ISIS makes its captors read in a hostage video before beheading them.” Joking aside, there was (and still is) tremendous pressure to condemn Tuvel and her article.

Some who joined in the protests later admitted in private that they hadn’t even read the article.

And at least one person who signed a petition demanding that retract the text in question, later, when the media tides were turning, wanted to remove her signature from the damning letter.

The article was vetted by reviewers and editors, and published, after all.

The feeding frenzy in response to Tuvel’s article couldn’t have happened without social media.

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