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Diaz may turn psychotic in this 2001 film starring Tom Cruise, but she starts off friendly enough, playfully lingering around the apartment of Cruise's character David.

But even with an informal poll such as that revealing such distaste for the star, she’s still one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood, with her movies averaging an million domestic gross over the course of her career.

Yet two decades since she worked every inch of that red mini-dress, it seems that Diaz has become the Hollywood equivalent of the Black Eyed Peas, a band that everyone bashes at the water cooler but clearly listens to in private—judging by their record sales—and most definitely dances to unabashedly after a few cocktails at the bar.

Well, I haven’t had much to drink yet, but I’m still not ashamed to announce that I love Cameron Diaz, and have proudly defended her against detractors who have told me they find her personality too annoying, her movies too slight, and her acting abilities lacking.

La actriz estadounidense Cameron Díaz regresa a los cines el próximo 18 de julio con «Sex Tape», una cinta en la que por primera vez aparece completamente desnuda, junto al actor Jason Segel.«Sí, este es mi primer desnudo» en pantalla, dijo a Efe la actriz californiana, que con 41 años decidió que no había motivo para negarse si eso era lo que el papel exigía.

That career, by the way, turns 20 years old next week with the anniversary of her tongue-wagging debut in The Mask.

The incomparable Linda Holmes at NPR hit on this after The Other Woman was released in a must-read piece subtitled, “When Terrible Movies Happen to Funny Actresses.” She wrote that Diaz “continues to be an often funny mix of glamorous and goofy, just like she’s been since she was a young actress-model herself.” The film, Holmes says, is “deliciously, almost poetically, perhaps polemically depressing…a gift-wrapped boon to critics who have been looking for an opportunity to explain the miserable circumstances in which genuinely talented comic actresses—even powerful ones, even proven ones, even ones doing the absolute best they possibly can—still very often find themselves.”If The Other Woman was the cautionary tale about those “miserable circumstances,” then Sex Tape is its disaster-story sequel.

Holy hell was this movie unfunny, and confusingly so.

And nothing says ‘generous donations’ like a slow-mo car wash scene.

It may have been a box office flop, but Diaz’s role in dark, amoral epic The Counselor saw her playing an exotic dancer turned drug dealer, which is probably where she learned how to have an orgasm while humping the bonnet of a Ferrari.

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