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These Renegades fled the Imperium into the far corners of the galaxy and some also took refuge in the Eye of Terror.

This was a protection offered despite the official atheism of the Imperial Truth that the Emperor intended to promulgate across all the other worlds of the newborn Imperium.The peace that the Emperor had offered the Mechanicus was illusory, a conceit designed to conceal a darker truth.These dissenters believed that the Emperor offered peace with one hand whilst keeping a dagger behind his back with the other.He then set his sights on the wider galaxy, and with his newly-created Space Marine Legions at the forefront of his great expeditionary fleets, the Emperor launched his Great Crusade out into the void.When the Emperor had first come to Mars seeking an alliance between his regime and the powerful Cult Mechanicus, the Tech-priests had recognised a kindred spirit; a man of science who valued the power of machines and technological advancement.

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