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When we are still and patient we also need to be open.

We need to be reminded to empty ourselves of frivolous thoughts so that we will observe what is really important.

“The usefulness of a pot comes from its emptiness.” Lao Tzu said.

Although he was dressed as a farmer, the border official recognised him and asked him to write down his wisdom.According to this legend, what Lao Tzu wrote became the sacred text called the Today there are at least twenty million Daoists, and perhaps even half a billion, living around the world, especially in China and Taiwan.They practise meditation, chant scriptures, and worship a variety of gods and goddesses in temples run by priests.Daoists also make pilgrimages to five sacred mountains in eastern China in order to pray at the temples and absorb spiritual energy from these holy places, which are believed to be governed by immortals.Daoism is deeply intertwined with other branches of thought like Confucianism and Buddhism.

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